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In the last few years websites with online flash games recorded a huge amount of traffic, especially websites with games for girls. Around 2 years ago there was very few websites specialized in flash games for girls, all was very popular.

The most popular categories are Dress Up Games and Cooking Games.

In Dress Up Games, girls are supposed to dress a girl, a boy, a couple or even a cute pet, using clothes and accessories from a wardrobe. A good dress-up game must have minimum 10 different elements to choose from for each section and the result of mixing these elements always must look nicely.

In Cooking Games, girls or even boys should follow a recipe to cook and decorate a cake or a food. Normally a good game should have minimum 10-15 minutes of time play, so kids are not going bored quickly.

All these flash games can develop children’s imagination in a good way.

Normally, all websites respects the T (Teen) or EC (Early Childhood) Rating Profile, but is a good advice to check this before leaving kids surfing each website.

T (Teen) Rating profile means that website content may be suitable for ages 13 and older.

EC (Early Childhood) Rating profile means that websites content may be suitable for ages 3 and older and no material that parents would find inappropriate.

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